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"Our survey team provides scalable services to help clients with every project stage from preliminary survey until the last as-built survey is complete."

Survey data is downloaded and reviewed on a daily basis to maintain project schedules. Changes made to the raw survey data during processing are tracked, with an emphasis on transparency and integrity of the data during the project.

"K-Electric Survey"

FSL conducted a survey project for K-Electric to identify the Transformers and Energy Poles and gathering certain information of the load distributed from these units. The survey services were extended to identification of Grid to Transformers to PMT’s to Poles to Bulk Supply to End Consumer meters


"FSL conducted the survey for PwC which was spreaded into 15 types and categories. The survey covered various scenarios to identify the consumers and its current statuses. A critical reporting was to be made to the regulatory authorities, in order to fullfull the requirement, certain surveys were conducted"

"GIS Survey"

FSL conducted the surveys in its GIS Project to identify the status of consumers , which was spread over to following

  • Metered Connections
  • Hook Connections
  • Illegal Connections
  • Black Consumers

Along with the above data nearest land mark information was collected and it was later on plotted on ARC GIS Software.

"Vehicle Evaluation survey"

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