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K-Electric Case Study

K-Electric Case Study

The Requirement

FSL is partnered with K-Electric and rendering its Corporate Services in 13 different territories of K-Electric since year 2015. K-Elected wanted FSL to provide a solution for managing its Cycle Days including, Bill Distribution, Paid Bill Collection, Debt Recovery Service, Surveys and GIS Tagging. In addition to this K-Electric wants FSL to manage the entire area in terms of providing end to end services and provide the results based on Bill Distribution Activity, Collections of Bad Debts and turning up the recovery ratios.

Our Solution

FSL applied its best practices to manage the field of K-Electric in different territories. FSL has standard procedures and a team of trained professionals to carry out its activities across Karachi. Following are the areas where FSL is rendering its services to K-Electric:

  • Detailed Area Survey and Tagging
  • Bill Distribution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Field Surveys
  • Week-end Drives
  • Night Drives

Detailed Area Survey & Tagging

FSL will deployed a team of Surveyors to K-Electric. This helped KE Management to identify the exact number of consumers residing in the area, these surveyors will tag each consumer, capture pictures of each Consumer visited and collect necessary data such as following

  • Name of Consumer Interacted with
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Gate Color of the Premises
  • Status of the Property (Rented / Owned)
  • Number of people living in home
  • Type of connection (HC / Metered / DC)

The main benefit of this tagging is that, KE comes to know about the ghost consumers and illegal connections being used in the territory. Tentatively a team of Surveyors is deputed in CD 20, these surveyors are equipped with Mobile Phone Cameras, Survey Reports, Tagging Stickers, Maps and Other necessary tools used for tagging each consumer.

Bill Distribution

TSince, FSL hold significant expertise in the domain of Bill Distribution, FSL used its BDM (Bill Distribution Methodology) to conduct Bill Distributions for K-Electric FSL deployed a team of Bill Distributors in field of K-Electric. The team consists of BD Lead, who is responsible to manage the team of Bill Distributors. Each BD is given a target of bill distribution, Since the survey of area has already been conducted, the Bill Distributor also records the coordinates of each consumer that can be reconciled with the provided data. FSL also pasted sticker for each month on bill distributed and will capture the coordinates of each consumer. KE Management will get an alert notification for each consumer bill distributed.


Debt Recovery

FSL’s claim to fame is its Debt Recovery Services, FSL is already serving K-Electric to recover the outstanding’s. FSL applied its best practices to recover the outstanding dues of consumers. FSL has standard procedures and a team of trained professionals to carry out its recovery operations across region. FSL have a very strong and professional team of Recovery Professionals who have detailed understanding of Shah Faisal area. Our team holds command on area understanding and process understanding used by K-Electric to carry out Debt Recovery Activity. Our expertise and area understanding of Shah Faisal area is our strength. FSL hold strong expertise in following categories of Debt Recoveries:

  • RO Cases
  • Soft Cases Recovery
  • Metered Chronic Recovery

Risk Management

A key component of a successful program/project management is a strong and aggressive approach to Risk and Quality Management. If not effectively managed, typical program/project risks such as scope expansion and organizational resistance to change can threaten the success of Hyperion planning implementations. FSL’s Program/Project Management Approach utilizes a multi-layered process to proactively identify, evaluate, and manage potential project risks and support the quality of the delivered solution.

FSL will utilize FSL’s Risk Management methodology as a discipline to assess what could go wrong, determine which risks must be dealt with, and implement the strategies of dealing with them. Risk Management is a continuous process with the objective to mitigate the impact of unplanned incidents. The risk management process involves identifying, analysing and managing risks. Figure describes the process in identifying the overall risks at the initial phase of the project and in mitigating and reviewing the risk status. It also describes the process for continuously reviewing the project for risks and mitigating it

F.S Services Pvt Ltd hired plate fixers for this activity, which have expertise to read maps and have know how about the territory of Bin Qasim because plate fixers were locals of that area. They had maps, sheets and plates & accessories (nails, hammers and glue) while they were fixing plates.


Our Recovery Team

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