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GIS Case Study

GIS Case Study

Mr.Naseem Jani Sheikh
General Manager
IBC Bin Qasim-K-Electric

Mr.Asif Qureshi
Business Head
F.S.Services Private Limited


The main purpose of this project was to identify the number of ghost consumers and to identify the premises exist in the territory of Bin Qasim, whereas no one has the idea of number of ghost consumers and number of premises exist in the area of Bin Qasim (from Agha Town to Gharo). The idea of this project was initiated by Mr. Naseem Jani (GM-K-Electric)..


K-Electric was facing issue of ghost consumer (illegal connections which were not paying to KE and using the electricity of K-Electric) and KE was not able to identify those consumers with the existing employee strength. This was costing them to manage the availability of electricity for payers. Bill distribution was a big issue for them and all of above the addresses of consumers were not complete in KE’s internal data.

  • Ghost Consumers – Illegal connections (illegal hook users)
  • Data Clearance – Addresses were not complete in KE’s data.
  • Bill Distribution – MIOs were not able to reach every single premise.


To overcome the above mentioned issue KE decided to go for the GIS solution, which would have help them to identify the ghost consumers and premises and as an advantage future opportunities like black consumers had been identified. Their internal data of consumers were not updated and this project makes them able to update their consumer’s data as well.

Project Implementation

The project started under the supervision of Mr. Naseem Jani (GM-IBC-BQ-KE). As this project have three different stages like

  • Survey of field – Collecting consumer information
  • Digitization of data – Marking of collected information on GIS System
  • Plates tagging – Physical classification of consumers (Metered / Ghost / IC)


To create base map, it was necessary to survey the given territory in detail, for F.S Services started the survey with the following team:

  • Project Managers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Field Surveyors


After survey activity, IT team tagged that data on a web GIS application that would make it more convenient for the users. It was decided that IT team will use GIS-ARCH applicationfor data tagging. The initial mapping was setup when the data was collected with paper forms and then manually uploaded to GIS-ARCH. IT team is responsible following updating

  • Data Tagging
  • Cycle Day Finalization
  • Series Generation

The final stage was plates tagging, against the series generated on the GIS-ARCH web application for the consumers of K-Electric. KE decided four (4) different colors scheme as follow:

  • Green: Metered Connections
  • Yellow : Hook /UH Connections
  • Red : Illegal Hook Connections
  • Grey : Black Connections

F.S Services Pvt Ltd hired plate fixers for this activity, which have expertise toread maps and have know how about the territory of Bin Qasim because plate fixers were locals of that area. They had maps, sheets and plates & accessories (nails, hammers and glue) while they were fixing plates.

User Ease

After completion of all three steps of this project, it eased numerous things like

  • Identification of ghost consumers
  • Data clearance for the existing consumers
  • Bill distribution became more easy and simple for the MIOs.
  • Easy to reach to consumers address for resolving the issue of damages

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