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Careem Case Study

Careem Case Study



F.S. Services is one of the leading debt recovery firms working on corporate recoveries for different organizations in Pakistan. FSL has different units for recovery like; physical team and TPC team. Careem is one of the leading cabs provider company in Pakistan, which have web application for their customers and drivers for online cab service. Their drivers have to pay some percent of customers fair to Careem but some of drivers do not pay that amount to Careem so that’s why they become defaulter. Careem decided to go with FSL for recovery from those defaulters and FSL arranged a separate unit for this project in that unit FSL had three different teams as follows

  • Alpha team – Team calls first time to defaulters
  • Bravo team – Team that calls for follow ups
  • Charlie team – Team for physical hitting

This distribution of tasks to teams made recovery more effective and efficient on this project. FSL is captured whole country for this project. There were three different steps in this project like

  • Calling Activity – calling to the defaulters
  • Meetings – setup meeting with defaulters and careem team.
  • Physical Hitting – physically visit to defaulters and make them agree to pay.

F.S Services Recovery Methodology

FSL’s Recovery Methodology encompasses all points for a successful recovery. The various phases of recovery are building blocks for final positive results. FRM [FSL Recovery Methodology] is an extract of world’s best recovery practices with an addition of reusable components identification and using them across the organizations. The various phases, activities involved in each phase and identified milestones for these phases are mentioned in below sections.

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