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Vehicle Reposession Services

Vehicle Reposession Services

We are a repossessor that specializes in fast service. Once you decide that your collateral needs to be repossessed, you want a repossessor that is going to act fast. FSL Recovery will act quickly, and professionally to repossess your collateral wherever it may be.

FSL Recovery is a repossession company with fast repo service as it’s goal. Computer dispatched, digitally equipped repossessor trucks enable us to minimize the time between faxing us an order and putting a repo truck on the target address. Faster repossession service, is our commitment to all of our customers.

    Serving Both Consumer & Commercial Lenders


    Drawing on 22 years of collaboration, expertise and innovative technology, we are a leader in finding collateral where others have failed. Realizing every client has distinct requirements, we are able to deliver unequaled, highly scalable solutions that conform with the way you operate. At the end of the day, our goal is to complement our client’s internal processes and procedures, enabling potential reductions in expenses and risk. Have a loan secured by a car, light truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, recreation equipment, etc.? We have the experience to find it and recover it. Whether you are a small or large volume lender, offering super-prime to deep sub-prime loans that are in a pre-charge-off or post-charge-off phase, we will produce effective results for your organization. Utilizing world-class skip tracing technology and state-of-the-art repossession and recovery tracking tools, our highly specialized team is working around the clock for you in the field. Consider our network of over 120+ brutal field recovery officers trained repossession agencies and our staff of highly skilled investigators, as an extension of your organization.

  • Our Repossession Services -

    We offer our clients a solution for every stage of the process. Our model of creating the right combination of people, process, and technology drives superior results through the services we offer. No matter what stage of delinquency your debtor is in, we have a solution. Our consumer and commercial lenders trust us to deliver results. Our large network of over 120+ fully vetted, contracted, and monitored repossession agents have the skills to take on any assignment. We start with hiring the right people to create the strongest and most compliant network of skip tracers. Our internal team of agents have the ability to investigate any case.

  • Repossession Forwarding-

    Focused on early stage delinquency repossessions, our forwarding service combines a nationwide network of thoroughly vetted repossession agencies, state of the art technology and powerful third party data sources. With our state of the art technology, forwarding assignments are handled through our proprietary and fully automated agent selection score carding system. Our car repossession services ensures that you’ll get only the best agents handling your cases. This industry leading technology is fully integrated with all major repossession management platforms. Our communication is seamlessly streamlined allowing financial clients and recovery agents to get real time updates on successful repossessions, holds, and closes.

  • Impound Pro-

    Managing impound notifications is often an inefficient and painful process for lenders. Impound Pro is designed to help improve both the efficiency and financial results of the impound management process for financial institutions. We have developed a complete compliment of impound services that allows you to choose the full solution or just what you need. Our impound suite of services include VIN monitoring, impound yard contact management, value assessment, rapid nationwide vehicle recovery, end of life/total loss remarketing, insurance & legal services. Allow our expert team to streamline your impound management process.

  • Heavy Equipment Repossession-

    Our heavy equipment repossession relies on a dedicated team of highly experienced investigators and case managers that have exactly the expertise required. Resolvion specializes in heavy equipment (ie. trucks, trailers, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, etc.) collateral recovery. Whether it’s a boat, RV, crane, or bulldozer, our team of high skilled agents have what it takes to recover your heavy equipment. We understand the risks involved for our clients. Our combination of experts, innovative technology, and seamless processes make it so that your heavy equipment is recovered with the best results at the lowest risk.

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