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Geographic Information Services


What is GIS?

Geographic information is information that describes the locations of features on the Earth's surface. A geographic information system (GIS) is any system which displays geographic features with related tabular data to allow a user to organise, map and analyse data in a geographic or spatial way. A GIS therefore allows us to understand and interpret features in the real world in a way that would not be possible with tabular data alone. Typically, a GIS can analyse spatial data and visualise results in the form of maps, reports and charts.

At FSL, we specialize in providing GIS Implementation and Support for public and private sector operators. We specialize in the acquisition, analysis, and production of spatial data. Our knowledge of surveying, geo-referencing, data manipulation and GIS structure and development ensures high quality output of digital raster images or computer-aided drafting and geographically-oriented vector data for GIS software application. Our GIS projects are proof of our successful technology application into the solutions of real world problems. Understanding the needs of our clients combined with leveraging the significant recent advances in technology brings a great value to anyone looking to employ our GIS services.

  • Our range of GIS consultancy services includes:

    • Spatial analysis and map output services
    • Spatial data sourcing, dataset conversion, harmonizing and processing
    • On-Site Surveys and data collection.
    • Off-site support for bottlenecks in GIS projects
    • Development of GIS tools and software coding
    • Scanning, geographic data capture services and geo-referencing services
    • Spatial database design and integration
    • Base map development
    • Digitization of parcel on base map and GIS

    As a long established company FSL has a passion for strong customer relationships that generate long term partnerships. Naturally we also strive to provide value for money through a mix of efficient working practices and competitive consultancy rates.

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